Pearl Harbor Speech Essay

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When it comes to someone famous giving a speech we expect to play a big part in society and how people view certain things talked about. Franklin Roosevelt has giving many speeches that we look back at or think about all the time. One of his speeches I will be writing about is his Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation which he gave at Washington, D.C. on the 8th of December 1941. It was the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor the Japanese. It was the first thing people of the United States after the attack. This speech has great importance because of the connection to the audience, the tone, and the style the speech was giving in.
This speech was the first thing the people heard after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was the first explanation
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Throughout the speech Roosevelt uses vivid, emotional words to keep the audience’s attention and to show then that he cared. Roosevelt used different variations of Japan in his speech to make it ‘clear that the many components of Japan can not be separated.’ “That is, the attack was not made simply by the Japanese military, but by the Empire, the government, the armed forces, and Japan itself” (Dlugan). Dlugan is saying here that it was everyone in Japan that came together to bring this attack onto us, not just their military. Roosevelt uses this variation to emphasize the whole meaning of the speech. Roosevelt also uses repetition in his speech to ‘amplify the message and draw more attention to the two key words: “Japanese” and “attacked”. Which that is exactly what Roosevelt was trying to do when he gave this speech. He tried to make Japan the biggest enemy of all, which they were at the time. All in all, Franklin Roosevelt’s Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation speech was important for many reason, because it connected to the audience, the tone that was used, and the style/word choice that he used. Once all these are put together you can get a remarkable speech. This speech will remembered forever, because the significance it holds and also the time in which it was given. Many people have heard it and kids today are learning about
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