Pearl Harbor's Negative Impact On The Lives Of Japanese Americans

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1939 marked the start of World War II in Germany, quickly spreading throughout Europe. Germany, Italy, and Japan made enemies with the United States, England, and France, who became known as the Allied Forces. The war was initiated by the actions of German dictator, Adolf Hitler, whose goal was to conquer the world for his own personal gain. Hitler was a communist who had the unique ability to persuade nations into joining him in his beliefs and actions, which resulted in the deaths of millions of people for their religious views and cultures. The United States remained neutral from 1939-1941. However, they showed their hand by selling military weapons, strengthening their military, and selling goods to other countries. Meaning,…show more content…
It may not have had a negative affect but it did impact the lives of both Japanese Americans and the Japanese. "Surprise Attack Successful!" This quote from Commander Mitsuo Fuchida proves that the attack was thoroughly planned. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in order to take out the Pacific fleet of the navy which threatened their allies. Not only this but many Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps to “protect the people of any harm”. Internment camps were camps which forced Japanese Americans to live in closed entries to “protect” America from harm. These camps violated their freedom and justified racism in American…show more content…
The military leaders, government, and citizens will be taught about leadership and new strategies to protect the people of the land from events in World War II. The Pearl Harbor attack has given the leaders of our country a new perspective allowing for new ideas to be used in war and new strategies to prepare the people for what may come. Experience equals knowledge. “To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.” (George Washington). No matter where or when, preparation is key. By starting now, the future holds much greatness the world has never seen. But because of this, America will never truly find joy if they are not prepared for what the future has to hold. We hold the future in our hands. The way we act impacts that. War and other decisions create futures and if people are prepared it will be a lot easier to face head on. Pearl Harbor has done that for America. Leaders have plans for any possible scenario to happen. Creating safety for not only Americans, but for those who are on the other side of the battle. Everyone has someone who cares about them and when they enter into the military they risk their lives for the ones who they

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