Pearl In Hester's Pearl: An Uncontrollable Pearl

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Pearl is an uncontrollable little girl who has behavioral issues and acts similar to a demon child. It seems nearly impossible for her mother to control her. Like the A on Hester’s chest, Hester cannot just pluck Pearl out of her life. After all, it is Hester’s sin that causes her to wear the A, which also stands for adulterer. When Hester, Pearl, and Dimmesdale meet in the woods, Hester attempts to rid her own life of the A by tearing it off. Pearl perceives this act as Hester trying to get rid of her only daughter. Pearl does not accept her mother’s abandonment and demands Hester to put the letter back on her chest. Because Hester’s letter remains on her chest, Pearl will always dwell in her mother’s life. When Hester finally places the A back on her chest, Pearl says, “Now thou art my mother indeed!” And I am thy little Pearl“ (145). Pearl and the A are also one in the same because neither will ever just disappear from Hester’s life. As a punishment for committing adultery, Hester must wear the A until the court says she does not have to wear it any more. In addition, Hester, as a single parent, must raise Pearl until she grows up. When Hester gives birth to Pearl, the first thing Pearl noticed about her mother is the A. It physically tortures Hester to have to look at Pearl everyday, and think about her sin. Together Pearl and the A are constant reminders that she will never escape her past mistake. Furthermore, Pearl and the A are similar because of the lives that they

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