Greed As Depicted In John Steinbeck's The Pearl

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In the beginning, Kino spots a scorpion climbing down towards his son. However his son, Coyotito moves and the scorpion falls through the grasps of Kino and stings Coyotito. Juana his wife starts to suck the poison out while Kino calls for help. Kino asks his neighbors to go get the doctor but the neighbors say that the doctor would not come. The doctor would not come because he does not like Kino’s race. So Kino and his family go to see the doctor. When they arrive the doctor’s servant comes and asks what they want. Kino says that a scorpion has stung his son. The doctor knowing that most of Kino’s race did not have enough money asks, “Do you have money to pay for the treatment?” Kino did not have enough money and the doctor turned him away. In my opinion, it is ok to hold a grudge but it’s not ok to be unfair during a life or death situation.…show more content…
Juana puts a home remedy on Coyotito’s wound before they go and try to find pearls. When Kino is under water, he sees a massive oyster with something shimmering inside. He goes back to the surface and pries open the oyster revealing a large pearl. By the time he got back to shore, everyone in his neighborhood knew what he had found. One of his neighbors asked what he was going to use the pearl on. Kino lists a couple wants and then the doctor arrives. The doctor is claiming that Kino is his client and is treating Kino’s son’s wound. The doctor asks how he will pay his bill and Kino says that he will pay him after he sells his pearl. In my opinion, the doctor is being nice because he knows that Kino has a big pearl and is “gold
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