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I am a young woman currently on the brink of adulthood, intrigued and motivated by the potential of the world around me. I am an independent, creative thinker, and am dedicated to my school and home community. Over the past two years, I have completed more than 400 hours of community service working to engage youth in global issues, sustainability, and health. I have coached youth soccer, providing a role model for young soccer players, while tutoring refugee students in her school.

I strive to be as involved in my community as my studies permit. Two years ago, I was selected to attend Pearson College UWC, a school with students from over eighty different countries. It was here than I honed my leadership skills and developed an appreciation for our global community through listening to speakers and through dialogue with my peers. In addition, I further engaged in the outdoors and sustainability. I run the Cross-Training fitness group on campus, as well as being a Kayak Leader. Using the skills I have developed through the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Award, I lead hikes and camping expeditions at my school. I love to go on adventures, and I feel prepared and excited for my university experience next year.

My first big adventure came when I moved to Canada. I was born in Great Yarmouth, England, and I lived there
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I have always enjoyed finance and have been fascinated by the stock market and how companies and governments allocate their financial resources. I believe that this is a career that I will succeed in due to my strong analytical thinking skills along with my calculated optimism. I would then like to apply these skills working with the Foreign Service. I would like to work in an international setting and represent Canada abroad. This career appeals to me due to my strong love of culture and appreciation of history and

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