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The name of the company is Pearson Dry Cleaners and it is located at 2470 Lucknow Dr, Mississauga, On L4T 3Y3. The names of the owners are Hetal Patel, Piyush Patel, and Sachin Patel. We chose this company because it is a company owned by one of my family friends so I thought that it would be easier to ask a question and get information about the business as opposed to asking a stranger who might not trust me and might not give me all the information that I want or asked for. It is also a service business that is not common such as the food industry so I wanted to choose a company that is unique and interesting compared to the typical small businesses in Canada. In order to create and organize the company’s financial
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This company was recently acquired by the current owners as they bought it in 2015 in hopes of making great returns and profit. While not much is known about the full history of the company, Pearson Dry Cleaners has had a great reputation for a long time. It is trusted by the public and many small laundries respect and quality and efficiency of the service provided. This established reputation was a leading reason for the current owners to purchase and invest in this company. As stated before, this company has a great reputation and has established itself as a company and the people can trust to quality clean and dry their textiles. Therefore, Pearson Dry Cleaners has a mission statement revolving around their objectives to provide quality dry cleaning and laundry services to their customers. Their mission statement goes as follows, “We understand the dry cleaning business. Customers come for dry cleaning with certain expectations including quality and satisfaction. With our dedication and commitment, we provide the best possible services including all kinds of dry cleaning and laundry services as per customer needs. Our goal is to provide a high standard service using all the latest equipment. Our professional staff with years of experience helps us to build relations with our clients over the years. Our dry cleaning and laundry services are not limited to shirts/pants, bridal, carpets, rugs, blankets, sweaters, men's/women’s suits, blazers, winter coats, jackets and household textiles. We also do alteration and repair services like hamming, ZIP fix etc…. Have a faith on Pearson dry cleaning services and Pearson dry cleaners will make sure your impression will be protected with our high-quality work.” They use this mission statement as the foundation to train their employees to carry out their objectives as a business. This helps ensure that each employee is an ideal representative of

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