Pearson Hardman Leadership Analysis

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Episode 1 season 1.The Pearson Hardman Firm is owned by Jessica Pearson and they were looking for a skilled lawyer, thus they were recruiting different lawyers and Harvey Specter was responsible for interviewing the individuals. Donna would look at them as they portray their first impressions. One inexperienced lawyer appeared, who acts to be a lawyer Michael Ross was accepted into the firm. He had skills of remembering information quickly and presenting them. Jessica Pearson was not aware of this situation but they started working on law issues immediately. Before Michael was recruited, Trevor sent him to the firm which he then got the job. Michael was introduced to Rachel who showed him around.…show more content…
The action of leading a group and management is the process of dealing with people or controlling people. Jessica is a woman of strength and as a business woman she is always loyal to her employees. Jessica is an autocratic and a situational leader because she would always want work to be done and she was strict to get work done. In terms of a situational leader she would change positions in leader styles due to different work that needs to be done. She would adapt to any situation and work it out with her management and leadership skills. Sometimes Harvey is instructed to carry out assignments from Jessica but the he as usual gives it to Mike. Regardless Jessica listens and still stands by Harvey every step of the way. Additionally her work is everything to her; she would do anything for her firm. She is more like an autocratic leader when it comes to protecting her firm. She is a “go getter” and she likes being ahead of her game, in detail of her competition.Shes very competitive and she would do everything to be on top. She is also a combination of all leadership styles. She reacts differently in specific conditions and situations, thus she is a situational leader. Jessica always has plan B to avoid any misunderstandings and insecurities. Furthermore as a manager she knows her basics and when anything needs to be researched, she makes sure the research is done well, properly and carefully. Overall Jessica is a motivator and she is like a mentor to many employees. She gives helpful opinions that later also becomes one at the most honorable opinions for senior operator and researcher,Ms Rachel. Louis Litt is a lawyer and a partner at the Pearson Specter company. He is a very funny man and sometimes seems to be harsh.He is also an autocratic leader. He makes all decisions and doesn’t gets anyones input. He goes for what he

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