Pebble Beach Golf Essay

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Golf is also known as an exclusive sport, dedicated to people with money. At least this is the image that everybody promotes, and Hollywood movies give us the impression that access to such land is somewhat restricted to those who do not belong to the high-life category. This is not exactly true, although there are a few golf courses that certainly are not accessible anyway, but are seen as the best in the world. In order to inspire you, we have gathered the 5 best golf courses in USA, because there is the unofficial homeland of golf.

The Pebble Beach Golf Links

Pebble Beach is one of the greatest public golf course in California, USA. Since 1919, the Pebble Beach Golf Links was a real challenge for every golf player because it provides
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Located on the Monterey Peninsula in California, the Spyglass Hill golf course has 18 holes named after the characters of Robert Stevenson from his classic novel, Treasure Island. The first five holes are a big challenge for every golf player because they are situated through sandy seaside dunes. On the other hand, the following 13 holes are strategically placed through majestic pines with elevated greens. The professional golfers think that is the toughest course in USA, due to its placement on different types of terrain.

Del Monte golf course

Del Monte is one of the oldest course in USA. Plenty of golfers choose to play on this location because its meandering layout is a challenge for each of them. Del Monte golf course, inspire every golf player with a pine and cypress trees vegetation, wide fairways lined with oak and 18 holes strategically placed.

The Spanish Bay golf course

The Spanish Bay is one of the best golf courses in USA. Here, you will find something from the natural beauty of Scotland. The Spanish Bay offers you the possibility to choose between the regular shot or the low, running shot if you want to keep the ball under the steady ocean breeze. Moreover, you will find on these hills firm turf which allows you a good

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