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Pedagogical Intervention and Implementation This chapter presents in detail the process of planning and implementation of the pedagogical intervention, including its stages and lesson plans description. The main aim of the pedagogical intervention is to foster self- directed readers following the steps of the self- assessment cycle and to facilitate their literal reading comprehension. Besides, it accounts for the procedures to collect and analyze data.The implementation design took into account learner’s background in terms of language level and age as a requirement, to draw up and develop the lesson plans, select appropriate materials and resources, the kind of language input and the instruments to gather data. Instructional…show more content…
The results obtained were used to confirm learners difficulties on literal reading comprehension and to plan an accurate intervention. Before starting the pedagogical intervention, learners were informed about the process they were to start. Teacher- researchers presented and explained the importance of the project and encouraged them to participate in the process to improve their reading. The starting point for this stage was a session devoted to present and explain the importance of the project and motivate learners to participate in a process to improve their reading performance and become self-directed readers.Besides, instructions about the questionnaires and test development were given to…show more content…
It was composed by two questionnaires (Appendix ___) and a literal reading test (Appendix ____).The first questionnaire was designed in order to obtain personal data from participants, their needs, and reading habits.The second questionnaire attempted to gather students´ideas about self- assessment concept in their experience as learners and readers. This characterization session was implemented in the computers’ lab during 1 hour and a half . Students received specific instructions on the questionnaires development before the session and they got a handout (Appendix ) in the case of doubts during the session. They accessed to a Google drive form previously designed and shared with them via their emails.Time was set for each questionnaire and teacher-researchers controlled it. Finally, a literal reading test composed of 10 multiple choice questions was administered using a paper test( Appendix ______ ) in the classroom.During the test, learners had about thirty minutes as the maximum to develop it. These instruments were previously piloted by the

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