Pedagogical Practicum Reflection

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Findings This chapter will shed the light on the findings I obtained during my study concerning the mentorship process within the pedagogical practicum. This section is divided into three parts, in accordance with the research questions I posed in my study, and these parts are also divided according to the themes emerged throughout the study. Research Question 1. What goals do the mentors and the mentees pursue during the mentorship process within the pedagogical practicum? Goals-setting. Whereas successful mentoring practice is bound to be achieved in its gradual progression, it is important to remember that it is in the beginning of the process when mentors and mentees should arrive at an understanding of each other’s position, otherwise, the dichotomy of interests may quash all the following efforts, and becomes an impediment in the establishment of productive mentoring rapport (Rajuan, Beijaard & Verloop, 2007). There is overwhelming evidence corroborating the notion that, goal-setting is the main prerequisite for a successful collaboration between a mentor and a mentee (Beck & Kosnik, 2000; He, 2009), and without the clear outline of the process both sides may remain unsatisfied with the results (Leshem, 2012; Whitaker, 2000). Thus, in the absence of any information about the main aims both sides are expected to accomplish during the mentorship within the practicum in Kazakhstani context, I decided to explore this issue in my study in order to understand what

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