Pedagogy In Geography

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Pedagogy is very important in the teaching and learning of science. They serve as paths leading to the understanding of concepts taught to students and so form an integral part of classroom experiences. Various methods are open to teachers to use to teach, right from kindergarten to tertiary levels to enhance students’ understanding of scientific concepts. Coll, France, and Taylor, (2005) pointed out that the use of analogies and mental models can enhance students understanding of complex and abstract scientific conceptions. Concept mapping is one teaching method which has gained grounds in the teaching and learning of biology and other related science subjects in the western countries. Concept mapping has been reported to provide a very…show more content…
Novak and Canas, (2008) identified three characteristic features of concept maps as indicated below:
1. Concept Maps are represented in a hierarchical structure with the most inclusive, and general concept at the top of the map, while the more specific, less general concepts are arranged hierarchically below. The hierarchical structure for a particular domain of knowledge also depends on the context in which that knowledge is being applied or considered.
2. There is the inclusion of cross links. These are relationships of links between concepts in different segments or domains of the concept maps. Cross links help us to see how a concept in one domain of knowledge represented on the map relates to a concept in another domain shown on the
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The final feature is specific examples of events or objects that help clarify the meaning of a given concept. Normally these are not included in the ovals or boxes, since they are specific events or objects and do not represent concepts.

Uses of Concept Maps Concept mapping has been shown to help in various ways such us to help learners learn, researchers create new knowledge, administrators to better structure and manage their organisations, writers to write, and evaluators assess learning. Concept maps are used to stimulate the generation of ideas, and are believed to aid creativity. Gururao, (2013) states the following as major uses of concept mapping:
• Curriculum Development
• Strategy for learning, teaching & collaborating
• Explanations of various
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