Pedagogy: The Importance Of Learning Styles

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Recent History “Pedagogy refers to the method of teaching according to learning styles, has been used to train teachers to accommodate different learning styles in the classroom. Since teachers are accustomed to teaching in their individual style, the move has been to introduce other styles into the classroom. With the introduction and increased usage of online courses, the importance of learning styles has grown; tests are administered to tailor courses to the individual”. (Chandler, 2017) According to Kelly (1965) “Learning is the mental activity by which knowledge and skills, habits, attitude, virtues, ideals are acquired, retained and utilized resulting in the progressive adaptation and modification of conduct and behavior”. To Sawrey and…show more content…
Most people have significantly; individual’s instructional preferences exist and the impact accommodating these preferences can be measured accurately. The stronger the preference, the more important it is to provide compatible instructional strategies; accommodating individual learning style preferences through complementary educational, instructional, teaching and counseling interventions results into increased academic achievement and improved students’ attitude towards learning most teachers can learn to use learning styles as a cornerstone of their instructional programs; most individuals can earn to capitalize on their learning-style strengths when concentrating on new or difficult academic materials and less academically successful the individual is, the more important it is to accommodate his or her learning-style…show more content…
Until 2006, it is bought by Google and it continue to spread its popularity. The percentage of people who visited YouTube in 2006-2007 increased and also the percentage of women, ages 30-49, and High School Grads are also part of the people who contributed to the growth of YouTube (Rainie, 2008). Moreover, in 2008, Yen concluded that 79 million viewers watched more than 3 billion user-posted videos on YouTube. In the same year, data showed that United States shares 1/3 in video sharing in YouTube. Momentarily, in 2009, YouTube EDU page existed. According to the data that we have gathered from Survey Research on Motivational Elements of Youtube: Age and Education Matter, the number of users who uses YouTube as an alternative medium of learning is higher from the ages that ranges from 35 years old and above. Most of them are using YouTube to educate themselves. The studies showed that youths are using YouTube for fun and entertainment more often. According to Randy Pausch’s , that from 2006-2007 the number of users increased from April 2008 starting from 2 million to April 2009 stated that 9.5 million are already using YouTube to understand what they need to

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