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Bottle milk is dumped around teeth7 Milk is normally expressed into throat while breastfeeding, not around teeth in the mouth.7

6. Official view of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) supports the recommendations made by the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding breastfeeding (of at least one year). However, it states that frequent feeding at night including breastfeeding or bottle-feeding on demand and frequent use of spill-proof drinking cups is associated with ECC. It recommends that infants should not be put to sleep with the bottle and that ad libitum breastfeeding at night should be avoided after the first tooth erupts. So, future research should be conducted about the effects of breastfeeding and human milk consumption
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Any sign of smooth-surface caries is indicative of severe early childhood caries (S-ECC) in children younger than three years of age. From ages three through five, even one or more cavitated, missing (due to caries), or filled smooth surfaces in primary maxillary anterior teeth or a decayed, missing, or filled score of greater than or equal to four (age 3), greater than or equal to five (age 4), or greater than or equal to six (age 5) surfaces also constitutes…show more content…
If treatment for ECC is delayed, the difficulty in treatment and the cost effectiveness increases. The most common immediate consequence of untreated dental caries is dental pain affecting their eating, talking, playing and sleeping. Children having ECC are at greater risk of developing more caries in their primary and permanent dentition. Severe ECC can deteriorate the child’s anterior esthetics at an early age. Subsequently, the child may suffer from difficulties involving speech articulation as these initial years are critical for speech development. Children with ECC can also experience delayed physical development, especially in height and weight. The pain caused by ECC may lead to a reduced appetite resulting in malnutrition. In fact, loss of teeth often leads to psychological trauma in children from dental procedures required to restore their teeth. Criticism by siblings, peers and family members may lead to poor

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