Pediatric Evaluation Of Disability Inventory Essay

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Pediatric evaluation of disability inventory ( PEDI) is the assessment tool utilized for Kathy. The PEDI is a tool used for children with physical or combined physical and cognitive disabilities. It is used for children between the ages of 6 months to 7.5 years old. The tool can be used for older children functioning below 7.5 years old. The PEDI tool is used to detect if functional deficit or delay exists and to what extent and content area of the delay or deficit. The tool is used to monitor individual or group progress in pediatric rehab programs. Lastly, the tool is also used as an outcome measure for program evaluation of pediatric rehab services or for therapeutic programs in an educational settings. This tool is criterion and norm referenced. PEDI tool measures the capability and performance of functional activities in three domains; self-care, mobility and social function. The three domains are assessed using 3 parts of the PEDI. The three parts are…show more content…
Kathy is a 6 year old girl, she was diagnosed with medulloblastoma at 8 months old. Her diagnosis causes her to have brain stem seizures. The seizures causes her head to drop and her eyes to blink rapidly for about ten minutes, this usually happen six times a day. During Kathy’s seizures, she is still able to continue doing whatever she’s doing but it causes her to have an impaired balance and decreased speed. Even though she is 6 years old, Kathy’s disability causes her to develop at a 2 and half year old level as confirmed by a developmental test. Kathy’s mother describers her as the size of a 3 and a half year old child. Kathy attends a special education classroom in a regular public school. Kathy was referred for occupational therapy(OT) due to her consistent delay in function. Kathy will be receiving three sessions of OT per week for 30 minutes. Occupational therapy services will be provided in the classroom and the OT room as

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