Pediatric Cardiology Personal Statement Examples

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Pediatric interventional cardiology is a passion and a dream which I hope one day to realize. During my first pediatric residency training, I realized the depth of my interest in cardiology. I found pleasure and interest in all the pediatric cardiology rotations; however, cardiac catheterization, despite the limited sophistication with which it was performed, captivated me. As there were no training opportunities available back home and few interventional procedures can be done due to lack of experience in congenital interventional cardiology. Therefore, I decided to pursue a second pediatric residency training in the USA to allow me the opportunity for further training in pediatric cardiology and eventually congenital cardiac intervention. Congenital interventional cardiology is a stimulating and fascinating career. It is not algorithm driven, rather it is creative and out of box thinking based science. This fact coupled with the constant developing of newer and more effective devices and tools rendering the field more productive and effective every year. Being able to treat…show more content…
Holding a master’s degree in clinical research will enable me to conduct high quality, meaningful research which I hope it will make me an effective member of the field of congenital intervention. Working in a tertiary institution, like yours at Stanford University, with renowned congenital interventional cardiologists, cutting-edge technology and large volume of complicated cases and with exciting research opportunities would definitely be a life time opportunity and dream come true for me. I am certain that I am well prepared and ready to go through the entire training, rigor and challenges required to be an efficient interventional pediatric cardiologist. I believe not only will I learn, but also, I will be able to
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