Pediatric Nurse Goal

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I have many goals I want to achieve throughout my life. However, the biggest goal I have set for me to accomplish is to become a pediatric nurse. I have been dreaming of this career since I was about eight years old, mainly because of my best friend. She was diagnosed with level four Cerebral Palsy at birth. The first thing that pulled me towards nursing was the way she would cheer up whenever I encouraged her. I truly believe that without this life experience, I would never have considered becoming a nurse. Leading me to want to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, specifically for pediatrics. These dreams will not be easy to attain. They will challenge me to continue to work ard and study harder. Academically I want to graduate high school with honors, and maintain or raise my current grade point average. All while continuing all extra curricular…show more content…
I have spent many hours volunteering at local festivals and school activities, such as Chautauqua, Scare on the Square, Christmas on the Square, Memorial Day Donations, or Kindergarten Splash Night for school. In addition to volunteering, during the summer of 2017 I worked as a lifeguard at the city pool. This was a major responsibility, because you are in charge of others and not just yourself. I really had to hold myself accountable to be sure that nothing went wrong, or if it did that I could react quickly and efficiently.
Since I am so active, this scholarship would really help my parents financially. Both of my parents are educators and I have three older brothers, two of which are currently in college. High school is extremely expensive, so my parents end up purchasing sports equipment, school spirit items, and college credit courses. Because they do so much for me, I really want to assist my parents with this dual credit course, even if this scholarship only pays for one
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