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Have you ever pondered about what career you wanted to achieve as you became older? As a child, I always pondered on what I wanted to become when I became older and in sixth grade I was determined to become a Pediatric Nurse. Along the way of deciding what I should become I had no ideas such as becoming a lawyer, neonatal nurse or an actress. I soon realized that a few of my future dreams were unrealistic or did not interest me as much now as they did when I was younger. Pediatric nurses involves them in interacting with patients that vary in illnesses and age, requires them to have strong communication and numerous years of education and training. What would it be like to become a Pediatric Nurse? I believe that becoming a pediatric nurse…show more content…
In Other words, If this career does not succeed for me, my backup plan is to become a medical secretary. For instance, if I do not succeed in the nursing field I would still prefer to perform something in the hospital. In addition, a medical secretary is a fit for me is that I 'm handy with computers and I 'm aware of how to utilize the computer and its applications. Besides, becoming a Medical Secretary is much more easier and faster than becoming a Pediatric Nurse and are a few courses to take for this job. In conclusion, I have already planned a backup plan if becoming a Pediatric Nurse and I do not succeed, I will become a Medical Secretary. In summary, a career I would like to pursue is a Pediatric Nurse. I have several qualities that suit me for this job such as caring, communication skills and vigilance. In my opinion, I believe I have chosen a career for me and would be able to work in this job until I can retire. As a child, I have always wanted to achieve something to help children and I believe I have found something that will help me pursue this dream of mine. These nurses undergo multiple tests and I believe that I 'm set to start. Therefore, I believe that becoming a Pediatric Nurse is a dream and would penchant to pursue this with any tests to test if I 'm ready to

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