Pediatric Occupational Profession Essay

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The pediatric occupational profession is very important part of the world for various different reasons depending on the field in which you choose to explore, for example a pediatric nurse job is to keep a child or adolescent calm while the pediatric doctors are giving them medicine or shots. A pediatric work is generally based around juveniles and it is a lot of the time in the medical field, but it can go up to people as old as 21 and spread out to other jobs too. From insurance policies to technology and kids’ health issues, the field of pediatrics has changed immensely over the past 50 years. Years ago you would have to pay with cash or with Blue Cross, but now generally your insurance will pay for it. Additionally the technology has advanced…show more content…
Algebra is used for many things, for instance, you write medications in the metric system. Even if you are good with health if you are not good with algebraic equations you could prescribe the wrong medicine, it might have catastrophic effects and may hurt someone beyond repair or even kill them. They also use many equations in pediatric work, like when you take a heart rate or check the patient’s blood pressure it is measured in fractions. Another common use for algebraic skills is when pediatricians take someone’s height or their weight they have to be able to measure them. The work in the pediatric field is essential for the future, because if we just dropped it there would be no medical benefits for children around the world. We would have to create a whole new structure in the medical field just to help give them to annual checkups, shots, or vaccines so they don’t get sick. We would need to keep the pediatric field in the future, because if we stopped the millions of kids around the world relying on it may die because, they wouldn’t know if they had a sickness or if they did they wouldn’t be able to treat it for the most part without harming themselves more in the
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