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Pediatric pneumonia is the most common cause of mortality in children. Although , there are cures for this infection , if not detected early , it can pose to be life threatening. Most cases of pediatric pneumonia are found in developing countries like Bangladesh , Nigeria and the Sub Saharan Region. According to WHO , as of 2013 , the causality rate caused by pneumonia is at 2 million, amongst children under the age of five. This dramatically rising number proves that there is a need to understand the etiology of this infection , and determine what factors can be assessed to help in early detection of pneumonia. The aim of this study is to analyze the literature in this field and to provide a comparative study on what factors can aid in the…show more content…
However , pneumonia can be treated at home in most cases by :
• Drinking lots of fluids
• Tons of rest
• Cough medicines shouldn’t be taken without prior consultation
• Fever is to be controlled with apririn
In cases of severe pneumonia , antibiotics and fluids may be injected into the veins.

1.10 Complications
The possible complications following pneumonia could be :
• Acute respiratory distress syndrome
• Pleural effusion
• Lung abscesses
• Respiratory failure
• Sespis (leading to organ failure)
1.11 Transmission
Pneumonia can be transmitted in a number of ways. The viruses present in a childs nose , can cause inf ection in the lungs if inhaled.It can also be spread through air borne droplets. Most children can resist this infection due to their immune system. However , a childs immune system may be compromised due to malnourishment and hence are at a higher risk of acquiring the infection. Similarly , pre-existing illnesses like HIV or AIDS also increase the chances of a child contracting pneumonia.

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