Clinical Practice In Pediatric Psychology

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Who? = Authority
1. Journal Articles - Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology: Looking Back at the Inaugural Years
2. Chapters - “Suicidal Behavior Among Adults” in The Oxford Handbook of Suicide & Self-Injury
3. Books - Influence: Science & Practice
4. Trade Books - How to Win Friends & Influence People
5. Magazines - Psychology Today
6. Wikis - PSYCLINE

For each, identify: name/credentials 1. Jennifer S. Pendley, PhD/co-director, division of pediatric behavioral health/(
2. Eve K. Mościcki, Sc.D., M.P.H/psychiatric epidemiologist/(
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The only reference used is the editorial “Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology, Vol. 5” which is credited by the American Psychology Association.
2. In the bibliography, there were many credible references including The American Journal of Epidemiology, The American Journal of Psychiatry, and many other reliable journals and books.
3. Dr. Cialdini used cited over 2,000 empirical studies in the fields of psychology, marketing, economics, anthropology, and other social sciences.
4. In this book, there is little to no scientific references or citations. From a scientific perspective, this book is not credible in any research.
5. The credibility of the magazine would strictly come from the psychologists and other professionals who write articles. The articles don’t contain experimental studies, they are strictly the theories that these professionals believe off their own experience and ideas.
6. The owner of PSYCLINE is a well renowned psychologist who has years of experience in experimental studies. His website only includes peer-reviewed psychology and social science journals that students, scholar, and fellow professionals can use for further research.
When? =
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The article was first submitted in October and then released in December of 2017, which is the most recent update.
2. The book was published in June 2014 and it is the only volume. The book is only 3 years old so I feel the results are still present and not outdated.
3. The latest edition (5th) of the book was published in 2008. The information in the book may be still be dated but it is now 10 years old which could potentially be outdated.
4. The original book was published in 1936. The latest revision was made in 2011 which applied the first book’s concepts to the digital age. Before the 2011 revision, I would say that the book was very outdated but with the revision, I feel like it is dated with only some differences between 2011 and 2018’s technology.
5. The magazine was first launched in 1967 and they release an edition every month.
6. The website was created in 1995 under a former name; it was changed to its current name in 2011. Since it’s a search engine for psychology and other social sciences journals, each journal is accessible through the website based on the journal’s publication.
1.Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology
2.“Suicidal Behavior Among

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