Pediatric Surgery Speech

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"The grunts have arrived! Let 's go snoop in on the orientation," chirped Nikki Bella to her sister Brie. They both had completed their fellowship at WWE General and we 're now attendings. In different fields of course. Brie went into pediatric surgery because she loved the little children. Nikki Bella went into plastics, not because she was superficial, but that she loved seeing the look on the patient 's face when their surgery was completed. But in true Nikki Bella fashion, she also enjoyed the looks of the Chief of Plastic Surgery, John Cena. "Yeah come on!" said Brie. "I am totally going bitch mode on them this year," Nikki said as her and Brie walked into the main hall. Brie just smilingly shook her head. She knew people didn 't…show more content…
Vince McMahon, Chief of Surgery, was standing above all the inters and was prepared to say some short words of encouragement. "Welcome interns. This is WWE General and as you know, we are one of the best surgical staffs in all of America. Although you possessed the skills to have gotten you here, you all relatively know nothing about being a surgeon. None of you have ever held someone 's life in your hands. You have never operated on a living human. You know nothing. But, over the next 5 years, you will grow and morph into the surgeons of tomorrow. Now our residents will be calling your names and for the next year, they will be your superior. That…show more content…
Beep Beep. Everyone 's pagers started going off. There was a car crash and they 're were 6 injured in the crash. Kevin Owens looked at his interns and told them that when they went into to the ER to remember what he told them. Shadow not socialize. Speak when you 're spoken to. "Let 's head down to the pit!" said Charlotte. As she arrived she heard the ambulances getting closer to the hospital. Roman Reigns, Head of Trauma, slid in front of them. He turned to the group of surgeons and said," We are going to take the most injured straight into the OR and take the others in the ER for scans to be run. Residents and Attendings, help out the interns in teaching them standard trauma protocol." The ambulances pulled up one after another. EMTs jumped out of the backs to gurney out the patients. "This is 31 year old, Heather Thomas, presents with a head lac and multiple bruises to her neck region," said the medic in the pit. "Ok this ones mine said the Head of Neurology, William Regal. Regal followed the gurney inside the ER to run a head CT. The next medic was rolling a patient inside. "This is 6 month old Garret Thomas, he is the son of Heather Thomas and Kyle Thomas who is right behind us. He has free fluid in his abdomen and needs an exploratory
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