Pediatrician Advantages And Disadvantages

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Choosing a career is the turning point of one’s life. It is a decision that stays with one for their entire life. So, it should be made in an informed mind. One should consider many factors while choosing their career. A choice in medicine for those who enjoy dealing with children would be in pediatrics. While there are several benefits, there are drawbacks as well. There are many advantages of being a pediatrician. First of all, the mean yearly salary for a pediatrician is approximately $205,610, which is significantly higher than the national average salary, which is about $51,939. Also, depending on the company/institution you work for, the salary can vary. For example, a pediatrician working in UPMC might get a better salary than someone working for themselves or a smaller company. Furthermore, experienced doctors are always in demand. The more experience one has, the higher position and salary. Another way to earn a high salary is by getting a specialization. For instance, if you become a pediatrician specialized in oncology, you become a pediatric oncologist . The average income for a pediatric oncologist is between the range of $172,326 to $416,583, which is higher than what a general pediatrician would earn. Another advantage of being a pediatrician is the job security. The need for physicians in general, including pediatricians, is increasing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment will grow 24% between 2010 and 2020, which is faster than

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