Pediatrician Career Goals

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What I have wanted to do, since the age of 9 is to become a pediatrician. As I got to see them as a newborn, my mother would give me the information into taking care of them. By that I am saying that I would change, feed, hold, and to clean them when they get messy. My mother would always tell me how to handle them, even up to this day she still does; she tells me to do within these days. I get all of my experience from my mother, she tells me and other mothers how to treat them. The person that has influence me is my mom, she and the children are the reason why I am doing this and for my future. This is why I have chosen to do this career; my mother is the one who has inspired me the most out of everyone else. I would like to show here what…show more content…
As in working facilities they can be in a healthcare clinic, healthcare provider, hospitably or nursing homes, it all depends on type of career you would like to do (“Nurse Practitioners” 36). Most of this job is newborns may have some defects when they are born, and it’s their job to maintain them so they can cure them as much as they can (“Pediatrician” 6). Some infants need guidance, so they won’t have a much difficult time once they develop the proper age (“Pediatricians” 6). A pediatrician can also prevent and treat the people’s behavioral and social problems (“Pediatrician” 6). Pediatricians can do that, but some prefer to work in other places and practice solo which is their own choice and that will lead to painful stress (“Pediatrician” 7). There are about 40% of pediatricians that work more than one place as in the military, government, public health, and any other place that place that suits you the most common place (“Pediatrician” 7). When working all nurses must record what the patients say’s from family their family history and what they feel within the time (“Registered Nurse”…show more content…
If they personally enjoy spending time with children then helping people and studying new things everyday than they will like features of this career. Maybe a pediatrician enjoys most of its job influencing the child to have a better life style. A pediatrician has the opportunity to save a child’s life and make them healthier (“Pediatrician” 9). The negative of this is that they will multiple calls from the emergency room and parents wanting to get a hold of you to see what they can do to cure them at home. Medicine can be fitting to a pediatrician but not to everyone, some of them enjoy working with medicine. And with this it’s going to interrupt relaxation and family reunion from on-calls of the hospital (“Pediatrician”

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