Pedophiles In The Lovely Bones

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The majority of pedophiles are viewed as dangerous offenders and criminals who are rarely spoken about until an incident occurs, my beliefs are that pedophiles are indeed dangerous offenders, but also suffer from an unpleasant psychiatric disorder. It differs from other mental illnesses in many ways, such as affecting victims lives as well as their own. Pedophiles may participate in disgusting behaviours, but with the right help may recover from this illness.
Referencing to the movie, "The Lovely Bones" Susie Salmon was a victim of molestation by an older man named Stanley Tucci. Susie was walking home from school and through a field Stanley had a "fort" going underground and invited her in while she was passing. While she declined his offer he urgently insisted and she followed in where she was molested aggressively then murdered. Stanley would be classified under an inadequate molester as he killed Susie, she was a random neighbour he picked to harm. This displays that this illness is long-term and may affect and harm plenty victims if not treated or caught. This illness is not one that just goes away and does require a long recovery.
Yes, the legal justice system should treat pedophiles differently when being admitted and sentenced to time in jail/prison. Along with other individuals who also suffer from various psychiatric disorders. In
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Not only can pedophiles not be caught for years and years, they can have plenty of victims without anybody blinking an eye and realizing the signs around them, people should be informed about signs especially relating to young child pedophilia/molestation. Lastly, although pedophilia is extremely serious and may become harmful towards his/her victims, with the right and proper medical care and rehabilitation if possible, patients and sufferers may be cured, or recover from such illness and become
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