Pedrito Goloran Character Analysis

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Pedrito Goloran is my older brother. He is 73 years old and single. When he was young, he stayed with our two old- maid aunts, who worked as teachers back then. If people noticed, my brother is particular about cleanliness and organizing. It’s because our aunts taught him to do countless household chores since he was small.

My older brother has many good qualities. For one, he’s dependable. When I got married, he took good care of my children and our mother, especially when I’m not at home. He did the chores around the house, like cleaning and cooking. He also goes to the wet market.

Another winning quality of my older brother is his honesty. I let him budget because I know he will always return the extra cash to me.

Like us, he’s not perfect. House helpers don’t stay too long with us because he can be strict and highly particular with cleanliness. There were many times when we argue. Whenever that happens, he would stay with our other siblings. He can’t stand to be apart from my children for too long, so always comes back to our home.
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He can consume 1 ½ packs of cigarettes a day. Therefore, it wasn’t suprising when the doctor diagnosed him with COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is a group of long-term lung diseases that make it hard for a person to breathe.

Last 2014, we admitted Kuya Pedrito in the hospital. It was hard on our part because there was no one to take care of him. My husband and I have to go to work. When I got the chance, I talked to my children about repaying their uncle’s goodness. They agreed to pay for his stay in this facility, so someone could take good care of him 24/7.

It was hard on my part because he’s my brother after all. However, we felt it was the best decision, even if others think we have abandoned him. (Of course, that’s not
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