Pedro Gonzalez Character Analysis

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To say Pedro Gonzalez was just a man of influence to the Mexican people would be an understatement. But to understand his impact on his community and across the southwestern portion of the United States, one must understand his background. Pedro Gonzalez’s story starts out like so many others growing up in the time of revolution. Pedro grew up in a small town in Mexico and went to fight in the Mexican Revolution in 1910 as a telegraph operator for Pancho Villa. During his time of service, he had run into some trouble including being suspected of being a traitor and almost getting himself killed. It should be noted now that this seemingly average figure is significant because of just that. He was average but took his life in a completely new…show more content…
Not only did Pedro’s station feature music, it also fostered a preservation of Mexican culture, traditions, language, and music during a time where Mexican culture was viewed as a less than and was subject to racism. Mexicans were used as an excuse and scapegoat for the failing economy during the great depression so Pedro used his show to combat that racism. In fact, Pedro gained such a following and respect from Mexicans that the white people in powerful positions in Los Angeles began to feel threatened by him and the possibility that he could start some kind of uprising just by his request. They tried to end his show so many times by arresting him for no good reason but finally, they got him for a false accusation of rape which somehow made it through the court system. Pedro was subject to terrible torture and cruel living conditions in prison. With the help of his inmates, the prison residents and Pedro organized a hunger strike to protest their terrible conditions, which ended up succeeding. Through his unjust trial and terrible treatment, Pedro’s followers did not give up on him and eventually; they raised enough money to get him out of prison after six years. It is evident that people would do anything for Pedro Gonzalez. They would raise funds, show up for work in hoards, and would even organize themselves in protest. This is
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