Pedro II: A Great Ruler

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When it comes to Pedro II, I believe he was a great ruler. He was a man ahead of his time and his reign was full of controversy. However, his people viewed him as a dictator and a failure as a ruler. They appreciated his rule and eventually forced him into exile, replacing his government with a republic. He grabbed his political power in order to better education for all Brazilians. He viewed teachers as water and the students as the plants. He loved education and was addicted to making it better to raise the next leaders of Brazil. He visited classrooms and oversaw the education that the children were receiving. He even said that if he wasn’t a ruler, he would’ve been a teacher. He did wonders for the education system in Brazil. He was also selfless as well as beneficial. He refused to fix any repairs needed for his palace…show more content…
He should have, at the very least, raised the wages of the military since he knew he upset the Planters and the Religious faction in the nation. However, if he wanted to keep power he should have kept the bar of the Masons and freed the slaves. So when the Planters rebelled, he could have crushed them and then upset the religious faction later or pit them against each other by convincing the religious faction to his side by giving them big “donations.” While I believe that Pedro II was an excellent ruler, the circumstances at the time did not appreciate the man ahead of his time so he had strategized every political move he makes. He did things to quickly and lacked the patience to stabilize the nation before making his next move. I believe he had good intentions and wanted to make Brazil a more educated nation but the time just wasn’t right when he ruled. He was an intelligent man and focused on generating equality and bettering the education system. However, his ideologies came to an end when the public exiled him from
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