Pedro Lopez Research Paper

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Ever heard of somebody who was claimed as a murder for three hundred people? If not, then you are going to hear about it now and be well aware of who he is . Pedro Alonso Lopez, also known as Monster of the Andes, was a colombian serial killer who was sentenced for killing eighty girls, but he claimed he murded and rapped about three hundred. Pedro Lopez was known for raping girls around his country then moved to Peru and Ecuador and all around. Pedros dad died when Benilda; his mother, was three months pregnant with her son at the time of his father's death. Pedro was the seventh child besides all of his thirteen siblings. Benilda was physically abused by a sex worker and clients. He was kicked out of the house by his mom after having sexual intercourse with his younger sister. Lopes then ran away from this and went to Bogota. He became homeless along with many other young children, they were known as the “ gaminies”. He joined a gang and smoked cocaine. Somebody in the street offered Lopez a bed to stay in instead of sleeping on the floor but instead of accepting it, he took this stranger to a abandoned building and sexually abused him. While being a 10 year old homeless child , an older American couple found him on the…show more content…
He once in awhile planned out his activities. He murdered at whatever point he craved, at whatever point he saw somebody that interested him. He never took out the additional precautions to cover up or remove any type of evidence of the crime committed. He committed murders in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and all over the place.For instance, at whatever point when Pedro saw little innocent girls that fit his age requirement strolling around with her mom, he would quickly attempt to kidnap her whenever she wandered from her mom. Pedro did not, for a second, care if he was considered or looked at as a killer. He took lots of pride in what he did and had no problem expressing what he did and confessing to
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