My Participation In The Dupage County Historical Society

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Through my participation in numerous events I have been able to show my concern for my community members, and community. After high school I volunteered as a researcher at the DuPage County Historical Society during the summer of 2014. For my community I dedicated my free time looking up questions and interests of the citizens. After countless hours of research, I wrote up thorough answers to the citizen’s questions. Also, along with the DuPage County Historical Society I participated in many volunteer events such as walking tours, and fairs. Through the Historical Society I was able to show my care and concern for my fellow residents of DuPage County. I donated my free-time to research their pressing questions, and helping with different…show more content…
One of the ways I have been able to care for those in the Loyola community is through my job as a Peer Advisor, which I was compensated for at a rate for $9.00/hr, then $10.00/hr my second year. I have worked as a Peer Advisor for the Fall of 2014, 2015, and I have been lucky enough to be rehired for the upcoming Fall of 2016. As a Peer Advisor my job was to help the first year students transition to Loyola, and help facilitate the UNIV classroom. When I became a Peer Advisor I really wanted to help the first year students know that they were not by themselves. It was through my PowerPoints, office hours, and talks with my students that I came to share my experiences with them, and help them settle into college. Furthermore, the Peer Advisor community helped demonstrate our concern for our students through our numerous activities that we planned outside of the classroom. The Peer Advisors organized many outings for our students. This time with them allowed us to connect on a more personal basis, and allow us to talk to them about their college transition. Being a Peer Advisor has been so rewarding in that it has allowed me to care and concern for these students as they settle into their journey at

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