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1.1 Peer Observation

A Peer Observation is the process of Observation between colleagues within the same school that influences enhancement in their everyday work.
A common element in the peer review process is the observation of teaching. Peer observation should not be seen as a replacement for student evaluation. Students can reliably comment on a number of aspects of course delivery, not only because they are the intended participants in the teaching-learning process but they also are involved in all sections of the paper. Nevertheless, with careful preparation, colleagues can provide an alternative perspective to that given by students.
These guidelines are designed to assist university teachers to obtain systematic feedback from
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Peer observation is less stressful and more beneficial. A peer observation is mentoring. By observing a peer of the same working practice we get aware of what are we or our peers doing right or wrong. We get new teaching methods and strategies. We also become capable of self assessment. In my opinion, by gaining all these information we improve our professional development. We enhance the teaching and learning process.
Peer Observation is the observation of teachers by teachers, usually, though on a joint basis.
Pairings may be mentor/novice or experienced teacher/ experienced teacher. In the first case the meeting point will be more clearly on helping the novice to build up their teaching skills both by being observed by an experienced colleague. In the second case the purpose is to afford opportunities for experienced teachers to reflect on their teaching in a calm and classified

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