Peer Pressure In Queen Bee And Her Court

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Social cliques are made up of a group of people all becoming friends. In her essay, “Queen Bee and Her Court,” Rosalind Wiseman states “cliques are sophisticated, complex, and multilayered, and every girl has a role within them.” In high school, everyone struggles to be themselves and find their place; therefore; some comply with being in a social clique and follow the path of others. Moreover, every high schooler has dealt with peer pressure within their cliques. Peer pressure is the influence from members of ones peer group. Although many people believe peer pressure is always negative, that is not the case. There are two types of peer pressure: positive peer pressure and negative peer pressure. Correspondingly, bullying can be an extremely harmful result of negative peer pressure. In a high school setting, all of these aspects can be seen. Positive peer pressure is not as commonly seen in high school as negative peer pressure. Positive peer pressure can be expressed through helping someone succeed, pushing them to step…show more content…
Bullying is the use of superior strength to intimidate others. Bullying is typically done when someone wants another person to do what they want them to do. This is seen very obviously from the queen bee. The queen bee is the most powerful girl in school. She can manipulate anyone, and so she does. The queen bee 's clique follows all of her orders; therefore, they do all of the queen 's dirty work. The queen bee acts as though everyone is beneath her. She is very rude and narcissistic. If she does not like someone, or someone has done her wrong, she is quick to use them as a victim. She will victimize that person by turning their friends against them, humiliating them, or telling everyone their secrets. The queen bee will find a way to do whatever it takes to destroy someone. The queen bee is big on revenge and she will not stop until she is sincerely satisfied with her
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