Peer Pressure In Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

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According to the National Household Survey on drug use and health services, 74.3% of high school students have tried alcohol because of peer pressure ( Ray Bradbury's short story, ''All Summer in a Day" shows how Margot is a victim of peer pressure because of the other students incapability to stand up for her because of a bully. Therefor, by learning how peer pressure works, you figure out how peer pressure could influence you and how it could be used for acceptable and unacceptable causes. Generally speaking, the other students in the story are influenced by William because of their fear of being left out, and his vocal authority. The other students are also somewhat feeling peer pressure as well because they don't want to be left out. It shows how peer pressure has the ability to take over someones mind and…show more content…
The quote, "Nothing"(Bradbury 2) shows that William has been always screaming at Margot. You can tell that she is screaming by the punctuation. This Interprets that the children are kind of scared of William because he always yells. On page 2 Margot says, "Oh but,''Margot whispered, her eyes helpless. "But this is the Day, the scientist predicts, they say, they know, the sun..."(Bradbury 2) and William interrupts her by saying,"All a joke!''(Bradbury 2). This soon leads to Margot getting locked in the closet against her will. The quotes above explain the vocal authority of William and how he really has a problem with interrupting and screaming when trying to prove someone wrong. The students inability to stay loyal to Margot ties into the similarities of peer pressure today. The students fear of being left out and Williams vocal authority explain why they are influenced by him. Peer pressure is just overall good and bad depending on how it was used. The people of the world need peer pressure for making decisions and for influence. Hopefully, it is used for
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