Peer Reflective Report

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From this last semester in English 250, I have had the opportunity to improve my communication skills with written, oral, visual, and electronic assignments. This is the first class where I have been taught and practiced these areas of communication making me believe that my communication skills have improved slightly. When choosing topics for my writings, I often chose topics that I 'm familiar with. Along with more research on the topic, I needed to try and connect the audience to my writing. I feel like relating to the audience is very important weather its through writing or visuals, it makes communication greater. Peer review was a great help when writing these assignments teaching me to accept input from others instead of just relying…show more content…
Heim, This semester has shown me the importance of happiness and communication through the written, oral, visual, and electronic aspects. I feel Like I have progressed in my writing, but I still have a lot to work on with organizing and delivering the writing. Improving on these topics in class has helped me feel more comfortable when writing and showing those writings. In the oral aspect I have a lot of work to do. In both of my oral presentations I felt very nervous and quiet, this can always be improved with more practice. Peer reviewing helped a lot even if it was talking about my writings with other people. Visually Instead of having all my notes and what I was going to say on the power points, I started to cut down on the flood of words on each slide and started using note cards. Electronically I have learned how to format my writing as a tool for communication on websites and to help gather resources to help in writing essays. Out of WOVE I struggled the most with my oral presentation. I do not like public speaking and often feel self conscious when talking to people I don 't really know. To get better at this I know speaking publicly and leaving my comfort zone will help me improve. I know working on this will help me greatly in the
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