Peer Review Reflection

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I accumulated scores from state tests, my placement tests, and student records, therefore I know the skill levels of my students range from grade 2-6. Because of this skill deficit, I incorporate basic skill practice such as measuring with a ruler, orally defining basic terms, and discussion before writing. To reach students learning styles and to promote social skills I use modeling, working with a peer and physical activity. Knowing most of my students have unstable homes I do not assign homework. Since there are diverse learning gaps, and all students are either kinesthetic or auditory learners. I plan for discussion and hands-on learning. Because of the lack of social skills and differing disorders of my students, I plan for peer review…show more content…
They may ask questions and use their notes to make the corrections. Classwork is a learning tool, so we often redo work until it is right. In this unit, students planned, discussed, and then created their final project. Grades were taken on three activities and one summative assessment. They were given three different ways to demonstrate their learning before they were to complete their project. This gave the student practice, as well as chances for me to correct misunderstandings. I used visual aids and discussion to introduce the unit, this was to make the vocabulary relevant and to assess prior…show more content…
Students were questioning and referring to their notes but still not sure of answers. After grading their papers I had all student stand and demonstrate the terms with physical movements. Then they correct their answers with 100% accuracy. The self-assessment included in this component the students created reflection, translations, rotation and line of symmetry. On the formative assessment (included in the component) all students missed question 1 due to lack of attention to the labels on the vertices. I adjusted my lesson by discussion and acting out the transformations using the tile floor as our graph. The students were asked where the foot and nose are pointed. I pointed out the differences in 180 degrees and 90-degree rotations. The similarities in reflection and 180-degree rotation. I had students call out the transformation as they were moving. I also had them play a game where they were given a location to move to and the others had to guess the transformation. I knew students would retain the information if could use more than one sense and be engaged. After the activities student were to correct the formative assessment.
In analyzing the formative assessment I found it was not in-depth enough to determine if a student could perform and apply all transformations. While observing I noticed Bob struggling to plot points, therefore, I adjusted the unit plan by; having students plot some given points; having
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