Peer Tutoring Program Analysis

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Maryville Christian School offers a tutoring program called Students Helping Others Progress (SHOP). The student-led organization meets every Tuesday after school from 3:15 - 4:00. SHOP uses peer tutoring tactics very useful for all children. The goal for this paper is to explain the impact that peer tutoring has and to inspire other schools to open an after school tutoring organization. Peer Tutoring is the style of teaching that is one on one. Tutoring benefits anything from academics, driving, or learning with musical instruments. Samuel L. Blumenfeld wrote a book called How to Tutor. Something that stood out said “ Most parents wait until their child is having difficulty at school before they think of providing some tutorial instruction” (Blumenfeld 10). Most kids, when they find out they are getting tutored, feel that they are not smart enough. That they are failing at school, or that their teachers are giving up on them. Tutors help the child and build relationships.

Building Relationships
The goal for Peer Tutoring, not only encourages the students towards success, but also helps the student succeed, also builds a relationship. Peer Tutoring is beneficial since it is one on one. The child may not feel as scared to not know answers to questions. One to one discussion and
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While looking for information on learning disabilities, a website said: “35% of parents have serious concerns about their ability to cope with their children’s learning issues. These parents feel isolated, guilty, stressed, and worried about their children’s future. Thirty One percent of parents have conflicted feelings, they accept their children’s issues, but aren’t sure how to ask for help. Thirty Four percent of parents are optimistic about their ability to cope” (Moran 1). The parents of special needs children will gladly pay for tutoring because of the one on one
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