Peewee: A Narrative Fiction

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The little angels flew back to heaven to tell God the good news. Then they gathered

around Peewee who was taking a nap. He was curled up so tight that they couldn’t see his

head or tail. Sherman poked the little ball of fluff.

“Wake up, Peewee,” he said. “We have a surprise for you.

Peewee stood up very slowly, stretched, and yawned. “Hi, angels,” he whispered and

then rubbed his eyes. “Doesn’t anybody ever sleep around here?”

“No,” answered Mugsie, “We don’t sleep in heaven.”

“I sleep,” said Peewee.

“Well, you’re a kitten,” said Topsie.

“Yes, and you can sleep all you want on Earth,” said Sherman.

“Earth?” said Peewee, who was suddenly awake. “You found me a home!” And

Peewee began to laugh and twirl around. The little angels laughed at their funny friend.
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“Is my new family nice as angels? What if I don’t like them?”

“You will,” said Sherman. “ Maggie is a very nice young girl. She has a cat

named Paintbrush. Paintbrush is having kittens, so you’ll have other kittens to play with.

There is even a backyard with lots of grass to run on.”

Peewee smiled. “I love my surprise!”

It was almost Christmas Eve. All the angels were rushing around in heaven.

They were getting their robes pressed, their wings straightened, their halos shined and

practicing their songs so they could sing Christmas carols tonight.

Even Peewee was invited to sing in the choir. He had practiced his meows but

could barely think because tomorrow he was going to his new home on Earth. He was

standing on his favorite cloud, saying to himself, “I’m going to get this right for God and

the angels. Meow, meow, squeak!”

“Oh dear,” he said, “it’s a good thing I’m going to Earth. Bet cats don’t have to

sing down there.”

Suddenly, he heard whispering and peeked over the side of his cloud to the

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