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In order to be a leader there is a few characteristics that stand out. One is hardworking, another is determined, and the third is caring.In the book 5 Pages a Day, Peg Kehret showed leadership especially in those three categories. That person is author and animal lover, Peg Kehret. Peg showed leadership in times of sadness and times of happiness. Peg Kehret is not only an animal loving author she is also a leader with many good qualities. When I picked this book off the shelf I wasn’t expecting it to be about a leader. I was expecting it to be about a boring author that writes boring books. Peg Kehret is very hardworking. When Peg was a young girl She hand wrote a newspaper each week for her neighbors each week on dogs (Kehret 12- 14). This makes her hardworking because she went out interviewed all the neighborhood dogs then hand wrote a newspaper about them and sold it to her neighbors. In peg life she had a major setback. She got polio. She always worked hard to get her strength back so she could walk again. In the text is said, “ I continued the physical therapy at home, lying on the dining room table while mother stretched my muscles. I practiced walking each time trying to…show more content…
Caring can be shown in many ways. “ I’ve volunteered at the humane society for more than twenty- five years.” (Kehret 134) This shows how committed she was to caring for animals. Peg truly cares about animals. Most of her books are based off them. The Federal Building in Oklahoma was bombed and Peg went to schools to comfort kids.(Kehret 174-178) That was hard time for Peg as well instead of talking about books she and the students shared feeling and comforted each other. She cared about animals so much she would write the animal of the month column on animals that have not been loved in a while.(Kehret 136) She cares about animals like one of her own family members. Mrs. Peg Kehret is one of the most caring people I have ever read

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