Pegasus: Well-Known Creatures In Greek Myth

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Pegasus is one of the most well known creatures in Greek mythology. The mysterious creature is capable of nearly anything, and is considered a hero by many. The pure white stallion is widely worshiped. Many would say riding him is synonymous to riding to heaven. His parents are the wretched Medusa, and the god of the sea, Poseidon. Medusa was once the most beautiful woman in all of the land, but one day a curse given by Athena left her with snakes for hair, and eyes that turned you into cold hard stone if ever looked at directly. Athena did this out of jealousy, due to the fact that her husband Poseidon had strong feelings for her. Poseidon lured Medusa into Athena’s temple and seduced her. Later on, Medusa’s head was severed by Perseus, and…show more content…
He was very satisfied there, and well taken care of. The Muses adored him. But, one day, with no warning, he was captured by the goddess Athena. She took him back to Mount Olympus with her, where he stayed for quite awhile. There he struck his hooves and his marks caused springs to turn into flowing fountains. Many were fascinated by Pegasus and all his glory. Pegasus, however, was devastated. He missed his home, and his real family. He didn’t understand why Athena had wrongfully captured him and brought him to Olympus. Desperate for answers, Pegasus wondered around Olympus, when suddenly, Urania, the muse of astronomy, came to him with a message. She told him that she saw a bright future for him, and that he would, one day soon, be honored. Not long after that, Poseidon’s son Bellerophon took Pegasus and trained him for battle. After hard work and lots of training, Pegasus was ready to fight. Bellerophon rode him into war, where they defeated the disgusting monster, Chimera and the Amazons. After his victory, people began to idolize Pegasus. They began looking up to him and referring to him as a hero. Widely worshiped and praised, Bellerophon began viewing Pegasus as a mere prize, as many people did. The two went on to do many heroic things, and go on many grand adventures. Later on, Bellerophon wanted to journey to heaven. He and Pegasus began on their way. Half way through their journey, Zeus called for Pegasus. In excitement, Pegasus accidentally through Bellerophon off his back and sent him tumbling back down the mountain. Pegasus continued with his journey however, and finally made it to heaven. He stayed there for a short period of time, until Zeus took him back to Mount Olympus. The people were so ecstatic about his return. Pegasus got excited and struck his hooves once more, creating the most well known fountain, Hippocrene. He lived on Mount Olympus, serving Zeus with his powers until the

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