Peggy Orenstein Girls Rhetorical Analysis

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Minorities have been repressed for many years all over the world. They were treated as inferior and possibly will be for many years to come. There’s Hispanics, Native Americans, African Americans, Asian, and Indians and many more. Women have been repressed for far longer and continue to be treated as inferior because of how women have been raised believing they must do what men want them to. Due to this females are treated differently from males whether it’s a colored female or white females, women are treated as lesser beings to men. The extent to which they are treated differently ranges from simple bias to outright being sexist. For example in SchoolGirls by Peggy Orenstein girls are intimidated by boys and teachers refuse to acknowledge …show more content…

You’ve been talking a lot and there have been some outbursts” to which a boy who truly is disruptive calls out the obvious that he’s disruptive and not her when he kind of stood up for her the teacher admits that he is but without further looking into the subject she moves on. Although Dawn the student who is getting a B is still getting a high grade she is not compared to the boys who are disruptive. She gets the lower grade because she is a girl and her behavior is seen as unacceptable and rude whereas the boys [or in this particular case Nate] are simply seen as themselves without the consequences of their actions. In Citizen An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine many examples appear on page 10 you can’t quite tell the gender of the person since author uses 2nd person point of view. This has a bigger impact because if it were an African American male it wouldn’t impact as much as it would a female because it would be more drastic. It has a bigger influence because not only would she be discriminated because of her race but also because of her gender. She would be the very last choice behind white males white females and Hispanics and African American Males. This is

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