Peggy's Indecisiveness Over Making This Weekend Trip?

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“Choices” 1.Characterize Peggy's relationship with Ken prior to the accident. Use specific details from the story to support your answer. Peggy and Ken's relationship was generally casual prior to the accident. In the story it talks about how when they aren't with each other, they both see different people. Also, it says that they stroke each other on the back which shows that they do act like a couple. 2.Why does the author emphasize Peggy's indecisiveness over making this weekend trip? The author emphasizes Peggy's indecisiveness over making this weekend trip to show that Peggy and Ken's relationship isn't that strong or developed. This is because they have to ask one another to do something together rather than just telling each…show more content…
Miss Strangeworth writes these letters because she thinks that by doing so she is protecting her town by warning them about evil things that may be going on. 2.Explain the last line of the Story. In the last line of the story, they are getting back at Miss Strangeworth for all of the letters she has sent over the years. I believe the reason for this is because by writing these letters, she is getting in people's personal space and making assumptions that may not be true. They get back at her by killing her roses and I believe the reason why they chose to kill the roses is because they knew it meant a lot to her since her grandmother planted them and her mom took good care of them. 3.Explain the title of the story. This short story is titled “The Possibility of Evil” because the main character sends the people in the town letters about evil things that could be going on that happen to involve them. These letters were not necessarily true, but they were assumptions of possible evil. 4.Is Miss Strangeworth evil? In a sense I do feel like Miss Strangeworth is evil, although that was not her intent with the letters.
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