Peg Chapter Summary

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a. Family
Throughout out the story Peg struggles being away from her family and living in the hospital. She longed to be home with her family. Pegs friends Dorothy, Renee, Shirley, and Alice all shared their stories with Peg on not having family around made her realized how lucky she was. Peg stated, “For the first time since my paralysis set in, I realized there was something worse than having polio.” She is referring to having a family who couldn 't visit or abandoning her. Alice was abandoned by her parents at the young age of 3, Dorothy could not go home because there was no one to care and tend to her needs and her parents try to visit once a month, Shirley’s family live too far to visit often so come only once every few months, and Renee’s family also lived very far away (200
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Bevis. He was very kind to Peg, always encouraging her to get well and empathizing with her. He asked her to do one thing, to return to him and walk for him. After a few weeks, Peg moved her fingers and hand. She was soon transported to another hospital, Sheltering Arms. She was scared and did not want to leave Mr. Bevis. However, once she transferred she made not only new friends but girls who were as close as sisters. All girls were between the ages of 12 and 14. Over the next approximately 6 months, Peg made an amazing recovery and though she was the last of the 4 other girls to get to Sheltering Arms she was the first to be discharged to go home.
She shared many great memories with the girls and Peg’s parents came every Sunday not only for Peg but for Dorothy, Alice, Shirley, and Renee. The day Peg was discharged, her mother took her out early and they drove to The University Hospital so Peg can walk for him. It was a great accomplishment and not many were able who were diagnosed with polio. Many were restricted to iron lungs, wheelchairs, walking sticks, and some passed away. Peg persevered throughout her battle with
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