Peg's Family: The Characters Of Family In The Story Of A Family

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a. Family Throughout out the story Peg struggles being away from her family and living in the hospital. She longed to be home with her family. Pegs friends Dorothy, Renee, Shirley, and Alice all shared their stories with Peg on not having family around made her realized how lucky she was. Peg stated, “For the first time since my paralysis set in, I realized there was something worse than having polio.” She is referring to having a family who couldn 't visit or abandoning her. Alice was abandoned by her parents at the young age of 3, Dorothy could not go home because there was no one to care and tend to her needs and her parents try to visit once a month, Shirley’s family live too far to visit often so come only once every few months, and Renee’s family also lived very far away (200 miles)! Family is what kept Peg going, everyone needs a support system and they did not abandon Peg. They took her home to visit a couple of times and tried their best to accommodate to her needs. They were a very loving and close-knit family and their presence in room 202 gave something for the girls to look forward to each week. When Peg was discharged she was excited but did not want to leave her friends who became like family. Peg stated, “It didn’t hurt to to have parents who treated all my roommates as extra daughters.” They had a strong bond and never grew jealous or envious of each others accomplishments. “The success of one member became the success of all.” b. Generosity and Kindness

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