Pekin Duck Speech

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The Beautiful White Pekin Ducks When you think of any duck you would see on a farm, your mind flies to a large, non-colored duck with an orange beak and feet. You may not know it yet, but that is the Pekin duck, commonly known as a domesticated duck. This duck, unlike normal ducks, cannot fly but is still the eighth wonder of the animal world. Pekins’ description The Pekin Pekin ducks are white, beautiful duck is a very large and superlative, adorable non-flying bird, with the height of about 20 to 30 inches, it is a very Very large in height and immense duck, with a weight of 3.5 lbs. It only comes in one color, white. They can swim and waddle, but no flying. They are such a enormous duck that there is no flying. But, who…show more content…
In these first two weeks, you must shelter them and heat them (most likely with a heating lamp). If you feed them a lot of feed, plants, dandelion green, and bugs, then this should cause them to gain the ability to, as a six-week-old, stay outside for twenty-four hours. You see, Pekins are sort of like whales. The more they intake, the more blubber they get, which will insulate their fragile body temperature. A pekin that has one weird hairdo Cause: Pekins eat lots and lots of food Effect: They get plumper Glossary Words Superlative-Is the highest form of an adjective and adverb. Meaning, the most of something. Ex: Her writing skills are superlative Slim-Thin, skinny. Ex: Brooklyn is slim, unlike stocky Rory. Adore-Love, feel fandom for, specialize, particularly like. Ex: Rory adores her ducky, Enrique. Vital-Important, necessary for life. Ex: For humans, food and water are vital. Maintain-To keep steady. Ex: I need to maintain my anger. Blubber-Fat on a water animal to keep them warm. Ex: The seal had a lot of blubbers. Immense-Enormous Did you know? Pekins not only grow to mature adults within just six weeks, females will start to lay eggs by their 24th

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