Pelco: A Short Story

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In the vast town of Pelco, there were a community of animals who all lived in peace and harmony, all bartered kindly and joked meekly. It was a happy environment indeed.

In Pelco, there were three much respected pigs, Paris, the youngest of them, Boston, the most naïve of them, and Foley, the eldest of them all.

The three pigs all lived in houses of great beauty. Many citizens looked up to these iconic homes.

Until Abu, the ferocious and blood-thirsty wolf scrambled into Pelco in search for absolute terror.

The pigs caught wind of the news. “Abu has breached the outskirts of town” said the reporter. The Pigs immediately called for a town meeting.

“He’s coming for us!” said Sid the sloth.
“What do we do?” said Gerry the giraffe.
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“Abu wants us to be scared, responding with hatred and anger will only allow us to act in the same ignorance that has made Abu what Abu is.” Said Paris the pig.

Within a second Abu crashed into the house growling and foaming at the mouth, at the sight of the panicking animals. His deathly nails protruding from his paws, he exclaims, “who’s first?!”

He stood face to face with the three pigs, his teeth shimmering in the light, stained with blood.

As the pigs stood with no fear whatsoever, the wolf stood, confused, “no fear?” questioned the wolf.

“No sir.” Exclaims Boston the pig.
“We have no fear of you Abu.” Said Paris the pig.

“Do you not fear my teeth or... or claws?” said Abu.
“No, no we do not, for we know you can change Abu, and you should for the better. Do not act out of hatred!” yelled Foley the pig.

“You’re right pigs.” Says Abu. Regretting his actions, Abu cries out, “please forgive me Pelco.”

The three pigs began to contemplate the situation and then spoke, “to ensure justice for all, we send you to the forest!” everyone in the room gasped.

And from that day on, Abu Avoided Pelco and the city thrived…

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