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Road map: today I want to talk to you about a very famous soccer player who struggled through poverty to fulfill his dream. Infact he was the one who really brought soccer to America in the 19somethings......

On October 23rd, 1940 in the small town of tres coracoas brazil a soccer legend was born to Joao Ramos and don celeste nascimento. His name is Edsin arentes do nascimnto, also know by the nickname pele.
Pele as i will refer to him for most of my speech is considered to be the world best soccer player. As a young boy Pele was never thouroughly into the idea of becoming a soccer player, in fact he apsired to be a pilot. Not until he saw a pilot tragically die in a crash did he change his mind about what he wanted to do.
Peles mother don celeste loathed the idea of pele playing soccer even if it was just out with his friends on their street. But celeste had a good reason for her dislike of soccer. Her husband
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I think of what new sports clothes I like, what brand is the best and it actually starts to frustrate me when i see that i am getting fixated on mere possessions. It bothers me that i cave into my wants before asking myself, 'do i really need that?'
Pele on the other hand never had the choices for sports clothes lie we do her in america yet he was wholly grateful for the used cleats got at the age of eleven. The bible say in exodus 20:17 "you shall not covet your neighbors house, you shall not covet your neighbors wife or is male servant or his female servant or anything that is your neighbors.
I know that for a fat tht i break this commandment every single time a soccer season rolls around. In many difffrant ways we all do whether it be through sports or other areas of our life we have all coveted our neighbors possessions.
I truly believe pele is one of the best examples for people like me who struggle with coveting
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