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Pelé was the best soccer player of all time according to Henry Kissinger’s book “100 Leaders Person of the Century.” ”He dominated soccer for two decades with passion matched only by his world wide gallery of fans.” He started playing soccer at a very young age and was soon discovered and started playing professionally. At this point the directors of the professional team said ”This Boy will be the greatest soccer player in the world.” Pelé was born on October 23,1940 in Tres Corações in the Brazilian City of Bauru,Minas Gerais. When Pelé was growing up his family was too poor to afford a real soccer ball, so he would use an old orange or grapefruit, sometimes he would even use a sock stuffed with old newspaper. His family could not even afford a pair of shoes for him to play in. Pelé was discovered at age 11 and four years he started playing on a…show more content…
He was an amazing soccer player and is an excellent person in general. He has devoted his life to doing good and teaching others. He taught his teammates about soccer and life as well. Many of them said that they were honored to play with him. In this paper I have proved that Pelé,a Brazilian footbauller,is the best in all time. Pelé before and after his career improved the lives of soccer players, and others as well.And through his whole life he was a fantastic person and that he was a leader to many and that he inspired thousands upon thousands around the world. Pelé left his mark on the world for sure. When he played thousands of people around the world,young and old, big and small, boys and girls, all watched with amazement and wonder. He inspired all who watched no matter if he knew them or not. Take me for example, I’ve never talked to him or even been in the same stadium, but he has inspired me more than anyone could know. At his last game when he spoke to the crowd and they were going crazy. After playing Pelé stayed on the field and signed autographs for his
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