Tuskegee's Theory Summary

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Pellagra is deficiency of nicotinic acid or its precursor, the tryptophan characterized by dermatitis, diarrhea and mental disturbance. Dr. Joseph Goldberger believed that microorganism caused pellagra. For him, the cause of pellagra mainly the food that we eat. It might be cause deficiency of something or toxicity. How did he try to provide backbone for his idea? Like his other species, Dr. Sims, Researchers and doctors involved in Tuskegee research and the Nazi, he come up with a brilliant and simple idea. Yes you are right. Why don’t we experiment using the lives of humans? Experimenting on Mississippi prisoners may seem a good idea. He experimented on eleven healthy individuals and out this eleven, six of them became positive of pellagra like symptoms. How did he do it? He let the prisoners ate a specific diet. It is yellow as the sun, the corn based diet. Dermatologist from that time also had done actual diagnosis with this pellagra. It may seem doubtful but his hypothesis was correct. If we actually believed the germ based theory that critics of Dr. Goldberger was trying to push, believing in fairy tale will be the best thing to do. What if he is not allowed to do research from that time? Will the treatment for this be achievable or will it be discovered. It may…show more content…
J Marion Sims history are just few examples of beyond control or abuse of freedom. We can also call this as lack of discipline or should I say unethical. After all this evil experimentation and research still they produce information that could help us treat our patient. For example we can describe the progression of disease of syphilis and from the works of Dr. J we develop instruments that greatly helped the women and even the infants. Since it leads the advancement of medicine we should use it and not hide or erase the recorded information. We all know it came from the evil experimentation but it already happened we should move on and prevent this kind of situation to

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