Pemuda Clinic Case Study

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Please introduce yourself and tell us why you were a patient at Pemuda clinic. My name is Cinda Purnama and I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia a year ago. I use to go to the Angsamerah Clinic for medication yet the medications they were giving me were not effective. The leukaemia cells kept spreading. My aunt had recommended me I try talking to a different doctor and so I started talking to Dr. Buoy. Were you prescribed medical marijuana as treatment? Yes. What medications had you used in the past? At the previous clinic, we tried monoclonal antibodies to cure the cancer. The medication they prescribed included obinitizumab, ofatumumab and rituximab. How had those medications affected you/ what side effects did you experience?…show more content…
Did you ever feel forced into using the medical marijuana? No. Do you feel that Pemuda clinic had your best interests in mind when they prescribed you with medical marijuana? Yes. Do you feel that cannabis was a better alternative to the your previous medications? Considering the effectiveness, cost and mild side effects of medical marijuana compared to the other medications, I would say it is a much better alternative. Do you currently have a job/ are you able to work? Currently, I am still working as a secretary and I am able to work 5 or 6 days a week. How will having to stop using medical marijuana affect you? Having to stop using medical marijuana would bring me back to the state I was an year ago. The state of pain, weakness and depression. Not only will taking away medical marijuana affect me, but it also affects the other patients in the clinic. By taking this cannabis away from us, you are taking away our hope, our dreams and some of our lives. Medical marijuana has made such a positive effect to our daily lives and has made such an improvement to treat our sicknesses. We are smiling today, loving today and most importantly living today all thanks to medical
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