Penal System In The Prison System

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(A) Pedagogical Systems which strictly demand that in exchange for implantations within its student bodies and aptitudes that conduce to proliferative (production) that they exhibit a generalized docility and obedience.

In my first reading of Michel Foucault’s book Discipline and Punishment, I looked at the penal system specifically the prison system as the beginning of the development of the disciplinary society. But through looking at the other works of Foucault and after reassessing Discipline and Punishment I realized it was not that the prison system was the start of a disciplinary society rather it brings to question why the transition of prison systems in the late 18th century and in the beginning of the 19th century; a transition from
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Torture was used to show the power of the monarchy and that the king was dominant over everyone. Foucault makes this point highlighted in the beginning of his book where he recounts the torture of Damiens who attempted to stab Louis XV in front of the Church of Paris. In fact the torture of Damiens seems to go on and on, in such a brutal and inhumane way that it sort of makes us think of how primitive these previous methods were and that our current systems are far more humane. But what we are made to understand is not that these are inhumane practices and that ours are much superior; Foucault points out that in order for punishment to be categorized as torture it had to meet certain specifications in the law. First, there is a measured quantity of pain meaning that they quantify cuts or hits that are already predetermined depending on the severity of the crime. Second, the torture must be able to mark the victims body; the torture isn’t there in order to sort of wash away the crime rather to show that the prisoner had been punished for his transgressions. Lastly torture is a spectacle, there is a need for an audience; this…show more content…
The reason was that in spite of the fact that prison was the symbol of the monarchy arbitrariness they found that prison and imprisonment could be a very good means or a very good tool in order to not only to punish but to reform prisoners and inmates and this reform this change in the mind that manifests itself in the individuals behavior and so on.
How could they imagine they can obtain it? Through disciplinary techniques. And where did they find these disciplinary techniques?
In schools, in the army and so on; where have they been used since the middle of the 17th century and they have tried to build penal institutions on the modern, not in the ancient prison but on the modern school, army and so
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