Pencil Crayons Analysis

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The story “Pencil Crayons” by Robert Currie, is about Josh who live with his parents in a farm far away from the town. One day, the family came to town for a second time after fall. “Now that winter was on the way out, he knew things were getting better.” Josh’s feeling towards everything around him was good and even better based on this quote. When they arrived to town, they met Josh’s teacher who recommend him to join art club. The boy’s father does not like the teacher, and he basically does not want his son to join any activity in the school so he strongly refused the teacher’s advice. Later that night, Josh’s father asked his mother what she bought from town. She told Josh’s father that she bought Josh some crayons and Josh’s father got…show more content…
In the beginning of the story, he was an innocent kid without any worries or fears about his father or things that coming up. He tends to think positively about things around him. When the boy witnessed his father was about to beat his mother, he was scared, but then, he decided to stop his father from doing it. "The boy rose from his chair. 'No!' he said. Loud and firm. Then his hand was in his mouth as if somehow he could stuff the word back inside." The boy has suffered from his father action towards his mother, he automatically could not hold the tears back. "The boy felt his lip began to shudder, bit into it to keep from crying." Since then, the boy carefully watched for his father's movement. When the parents or someone that the child lives with abuse them, they suddenly have to protect themselves from being abused by watching their actions or thinking about how to fight against the parents. In the other hands, children tend to grow up and act like their parents and they do the exact same thing that their parents used to do with them when they were a kid. Child abuse effects on a child's life greatly. A family is the primary source for every child. It's their safety, security, love, life, supports, understandings, and even more than that. When child abuse violates the primary relationship of the child with its family is a betrayal, a negative belief develop in a child. It could be many different things like the child
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