Penelope And Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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. In facing the suitors, Penelope and Odysseus achieve success through slyness and their eagerness to reunite. For three years, Penelope beguiles the suitors, who describe her as “cunning of a sort we never hear about” (Book 2, l. 157). The long amount of time she spends on her trick shows her unwavering dedication to not succumb to the suitors. When Odysseus punishes someone, he has them “suffer in agonizing pain” (Book 20, ll. 226-227). To reprimand people for causing his household’s suffering, he ensures pain for their crime. Penelope takes care of the threat by acting discreetly, while Odysseus fixes the problem with hostility. Penelope’s deference of her remarriage in hope of Odysseus’s return shows a deep dedication. To express anger

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